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November 27, 2023
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Expired Summer 2022 Fashion Camp: Summit Japan Fashion Week

2022 Summer Fashion Camp

Japan Fashion Week at Summit Recreation

It’s time for a Japan fashion week! In this camp, designers will create a Kimono Top or Dress and accessories. Our final day of class will be a fun fashion show!


June 27th-July 1st (click here to register through Summit Recreation Community Center)

8:15 am-12:15 pm 

This summer camp is for ages 7-10.

No sewing experience needed!
Boys and girls all welcome!

Corning field house 5 Myrtle Ave Summit, NJ

Registration Options and Cost

Payment is through Summit Recreation Community Center (click here to register)

Includes all fabric, supplies, and use of sewing machines.
Limit 6 minimum- 9 maximum


Calling all fashion designers! Do you have a passion for fashion? With the help of Fashion First Workshops, the student designers will create the all new design the Kimono top or dress and accessories. The top/dress and accessories that we create will never go out of style. They are perfect for the hot summer months.

About Our Summer Fashion Camps

Our students [Fashion Designers] start with the sketch (croquis), technical details, choosing and rendering the fabric, learning the proper way to make a pattern, including measuring each other, understanding the importance of this process and the fit of the garment. They learn how to pin and sew using a sewing machine. Then, they sew the entire garment including the final fitting. Finally, on the last day of our camp, we hold our Fashion Show. During our fashion summer camp weeks, we add fashion challenges (i.e. Newspaper challenges, trash bag challenges), for our designers to explore their innermost fashion taste and skills. Our designers team up with other designers for this quite unique and fun experience. No sewing experience necessary. All fabric, supplies, and use of the sewing machines are included.



Summit, New Jersey, 07901, United States

  • Summit Japan Fashion Week
     June 27, 2022 - July 1, 2022
     8:15 am - 12:15 pm

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